Impressions Do Not Equal Reach: Understanding This Important KPI to Properly Measure Results

Have you ever been inundated with trendy terminology or abbreviations? Or run into partners who seem to use certain terms interchangeably making it difficult to accurately measure your data? You’re Not Alone! Here are a few tips that will help you navigate two of the most common terms and turn them into powerful, but better […]

NEW! Omaha Marketing Literacy Program by UNO

The Marketing Literacy Program aims to address the gap in our society about the understanding of marketing as critical to everyday living. This program intends to provide ‘marketing literacy’ to college students through 5-minute, accessible YouTube videos about marketing concepts, anecdotes, inside views of businesses, purchasing behaviors, our biases and how they could influence buying choices, and many other topics. In order to build this […]

A Message to the Greater Omaha Marketing Community

Prior to January 2020, the AMA Omaha board determined we would implement a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair with the 2020-2021 year to start the overdue process of elevating voices of black, brown, indigenous communities (BIPOC), LGBTQ communities, and being more inclusive in our presentation execution for members and non-members that may have a visual […]